Competition Results

On May 13, & 14, 2021, the University of Guelph hosted a virtual version of the 51st Annual OE3C. Some student research talks are still available for viewing on our YouTube channel. and abstracts for those talks can be found in our digital program.

Research Talk Competition

Whole genome sequencing reveals the evolutionary
history of an enigmatic seabird family
The role of flight feathers on the ability of egg-laying
hens to access elevated resources in complex housing
A population genetics study of eastern flowering
dogwood (Cornus florida) in southern Ontario

3MT Competition

Tied 1stJillian CampbellEvaluating the efficacy of an intervention on reducing Catostomus sucker hybridization in the Upper Colorado River Basin
Tied 1stElizabeth PorterThe Scientific and Educational Benefits of Using Citizen Science as Experiential Learning for Undergraduate Students

Poster Competition

1stCamden MoirNo Stomach, No Problem: An integrated morpho-molecular approach to assessing the diets of a cleaner wrasse, Tautogolabrus adspersus, among coastal regions of Atlantic Canada
2ndReese GartlyModeling the effect of morphology on spider vibration perception
3rdJames MesichAn investigation of reinstatement in the fire-bellied toad
(Bombina orientalis)