Organizing Committee

OE3C is a student-run, student-focused conference celebrating the very best ecological, ethological, and evolutionary research being done in Ontario and surrounding areas. The Queen’s University organizing committee is very proud to host the 52nd annual OE3C in 2022!

Allen Tian – Chair

Allen is a PhD student studying interactions between mollusk and phytoplankton community structure and species richness in the St. Lawrence River and Rideau Canal using eDNA.

Alyson Van Natto

Aly is PhD student studying the evolution of plant reproductive strategies in human-altered environments.

Chloe Robison

Chloe Robison is a MSc student with the QE3 Research Group at Queen’s University working under the supervision of Dr. Diane Orihel. Chloe’s research investigates the effects of oil sands contaminants on amphibian behaviour and reproduction.

Damian Bourne

Kelly Balfour

Kelly is a MSc student in the Aarssen Lab at Queen’s University; her work explores whether smaller plant species in herbaceous vegetation are more shade-tolerant than taller species.

Monica Garvie

Monica is an Anishinaabe PhD Candidate in the Paleoecological Environment Assessment and Research Laboratory (PEARL) working under Dr. Cumming and Dr. Smol as well as various elders and community members from each of her study regions. Her research uses diatom and chrysophyte remains from lake sediments to examine changing lake dynamics over varying Holocene timescales. Her aim is to create a deeper understanding of the three Ontario lakes she is researching so they may be better cared for through policy and ceremony.

Orianne Tournayre

Dr. Orianne Tournayre is a post-doctoral fellow in the Lougheed Lab at Queen’s University, studying biodiversity and trophic interactions using molecular approaches such as environmental DNA metabarcoding and qPCR.

Xinyu Sun

Xinyu Sun is a Ph.D. student in Arnott’s Lab at Queen’s University. Her research interest lies in the field of aquatic ecology, particularly the effects of multiple stressors on the freshwater ecosystem.

Dr. Stephen Lougheed – Faculty advisor

Dr. Stephen Lougheed is a Professor in the Queen’s University Department of Biology and Baillie Family Chair in Conservation Biology. He is the Director of the Queen’s University Biological Station. His work uses genomics, genetics, and spatial ecology to explore origins of biological diversity, and human impacts on it.