OE3C 2021 is happening virtually. Please use the schedule and instructions below to navigate to the conference session of your choice.

  • PLENARIES: via Zoom
  • CONCURRENT SESSIONS: note which breakout room corresponds to the session you wish to attend and self-select that room in Zoom
  • 3MTs: note which breakout room corresponds to the session you wish to attend and self-select that room in Zoom
  • POSTERS: via our Virtual Poster Session (live on May 13 @ 8:00am)
  • WORKSHOPS: attendees have received a Zoom link via email

If you wish to re-watch one of the talks from a concurrent session, please refer to our digital program, in which we have included links to the talk recordings on our YouTube channel.

*note all times are in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT / GMT -4:00)

Thursday, May 13

Time SessionHow To JoinPresenter
9:30-9:45amOpening RemarksZOOM
ID: 936 9785 8687 
Passcode: 585989 
9:45-10:45amPlenary 1ZOOM
ID: 936 9785 8687 
Passcode: 585989 
Dr. Jesse Popp
11:00am-12:30pmConcurrent Sessions ZOOM
ID: 941 6491 4284 
Passcode: 735661 
Room 1
Anastassia Mena 
Kirsten Luck 
Emily Leishman 
Jessica deHaan 
Genetics & Evolution
Room 2
Lucas Eckert 
Evan Bare 
Cassandre Pyne 
Ken Toyama 

Plant Community Ecology 
Room 3
Nourin Aman 
Elaina Greaves 
Julia Boyle 
Jianfei Shao 
Genetic Diversity 
Room 4
Jessica Castellanos Labarcena 
Sophia Stoltz 
Emily Mitchell 
Allison Kwok 
11:00am-12:30pmEDI WorkshopCheck Confirmation EmailJoseph Pazzano
(U of G Office of Diversity and Human Rights)
1:00-2:00pmConcurrent SessionsZOOM
ID: 983 5172 4933 
Passcode: 117293 
Urbanization & Changing Habitats Breakout
Room 1
Rachel Kuzmich 
Meghan Ward 
Madison Marshall 
Anne-Christine Auge 
Room 2
Chelsea Aristone 
Ben Schultz 
Christopher Farrow 
Aliana Hellmuth 
Ecology & Climate Change Breakout
Room 3
Matthew Meehan 
Megan Hamp 
Trevor Petit 
Elizabeth Boulding 
Individual Differences & Ethology Breakout
Room 4
Renee Garant 
Kaitlyn Plastino 
Maria Dolan 
2:15-3:15pmPlenary 2ZOOM
ID: 937 3318 7551 
Passcode: 252434 
Dr. Liana Zanette
3:30-5:00pmInfographics WorkshopCheck Confirmation EmailJenny Marvin, Lindsey Robinson, Carlea Blight 
(U of G Library)

Friday, May 14

TimeSessionHow To JoinPresenter
9:30-9:45amOpening RemarksZOOM
ID: 945 6605 6169 
Passcode: 231088
9:45-10:45amPlenary 3ZOOM
ID: 945 6605 6169 
Passcode: 231088
Dr. Jake Veasey
ID: 944 9786 1042 
Passcode: 830707
Room 1
Alannah Grant 
Catriona Jones 
Dante Bresolin 
Elizabeth Porter 
Graeme Smith 
Hana Thompson 
Kaelyn Racine 
Shane Widanagama 
Room 2
Vikram Bhargav 
Chloe Dean-Moore 
Emile Sabeti-Mehr 
Jillian Campbell 
Amy Pitura 
Daniella Lato 
Sarah Ravoth 
Luc Goulet 
1:00-2:30pmConcurrent SessionsZOOM
ID: 968 0555 7736 
Passcode: 477112
Plant Genetics & Hybrids Breakout
Room 1
Kelly Balfour 
Danielle Rock 
Christina Steinecke 
Alyson Van Natto 
Novel Technology in Action Breakout
Room 2
Else Mikkelsen 
Thanuja Fernando 
Taegan Perez 
Benjamin Downer-Bartholomew 
New Points of View in Ecology Breakout
Room 3
D. Susan Willis Chan 
Erica Fellin 
Riley Gridzak 
Katherine Drotos 
Social Interactions Breakout
Room 4
Claudia Lacroix 
Avani Pathak 
Benjamin Whittaker 
Alicia Halhed 
1:00-2:30pmCareers WorkshopCheck Confirmation EmailJulia Leary
(U of G College of Biological Sciences)
2:45-3:45pmPlenary 4ZOOM
ID: 917 9494 0455 
Passcode: 261317
Dr. Martha Muñoz